Do you want to look slimmer and more beautiful on Valentine’s Day?

You can cheat to get a slimmer and more beautiful look for Valentine’s Day. Dressing appropriately for your coloration and figure type and visually straightening your posture.

The quickest way to look slimmer is to stand straight and sit up straight. And from the navel to the spine, that alone will make you look 5 pounds thinner.

Have you ever wondered how the stars look so stunning at the awards? Yes, they have the money to pay people to make them look good. Top designers demand they put these stars in their most beautiful creations. Still, they had to take care of their figures. Most have a personal trainer. Some women may barely eat or drink anything on the day they have to look their best in a skin-tight gown. Observe how your stomach bulges after a heavy meal. How do you look bloated due to water retention if you take in too much salt? Some even starve themselves and limit their drinking to keep their stomachs flat and free of flatulence. Drastic to me. Something I’m not sure I want to try. However, for emergencies, it is a possibility. 

The next slimming cheat is to wear something that holds and tightens around your waist. The problem with control-top pants is that all the fat will stick out just above the waistline, and it is not an interesting sight. Since the fat will be forced to stick out at the hem of the panties, choose a teddy. Do you think they only fit thin-stick models? Plus, plus-size shapewear made for big women will also reduce your weight visually and give you a slimmer silhouette. Choose one that covers your waist completely, so the excess stands out against your bust line for that hourglass effect.

What should a girl wear on Valentine’s Day?

Speaking of the hourglass effect, there is something about men’s fixation on the breasts that women have exploited for centuries. Even thin stick models have unnatural breasts due to surgery, inserting lumps of tissue paper into the bra, using a padded bra, or other means. Women do it because of their large breasts’ effect on the thin bodies of typical red-blooded men. Want to look sexy? Wear a push-up bra. It does wonders for your figure. Suppose you have to go braless. Consider using tape to seal your breasts for better cleavage.

With your foundation in place, the rest of your look will be easy. If you want to look slimmer, choose a darker color. Plum black, or dark or dark brown, is a slimming color. The dark color recedes. Use dark colors around your waist and anywhere you want to slim down. Wherever you want to draw attention, use light colors or shimmery fabrics. Choose a color that suits you. Not everyone looks great in black. Maybe plums work for you better. Maybe a burnt orange? Wear the color that suits you best. 

It’s for a sexy Valentine’s Day, a love day. By the way, look your sexiest, but remember that love is more than just lust, and this is the truth about love.