Corsets have been a part of fashion since at least the 16th century. Although corsets used to be an expected daily activity, nowadays, corsets are generally worn as a complement to costumes, including sexy underwear. The goal of corsets, historically and today, is to create a stunning hourglass figure. Modern corsets are available in various styles, fabrics, and colors, and some are even suitable as outerwear.

Corsets are similar to bustiers in design and function, and the difference is mostly just one degree. Bustier provides soft contouring and enhancement of a woman’s natural shape. Corsets, however, can completely reshape the figure, removing a few inches from the waist and greatly highlighting the bust and hips.

Can you shape your body with a corset?

The historic corset is worn every day and creates a real change in a woman’s physical form. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the smallest waist size ever recorded was 13 inches, and this was achieved through years of wearing tight corsets. However, a tightly tied corset can lead to dangerous consequences such as changes to internal organs and even rib fractures. However, not all corsets are fastened tightly, and many women find corsets just right for improving posture and even reducing back pain.

The use of modern corsets as underwear or sexy outerwear is unlikely to cause permanent changes to a woman’s body. However, a good corset fitted properly can easily slip two to four inches from the waist just through a fairly tight strap. In heavier women, six inches can be achieved, although this is difficult for thin women to succeed.

A true corset is made of a flexible material and contains several boning strips. Historical corsets often included real bone, although today’s corsets usually replace plastic or steel. Some corset tops today mimic the look of a corset without the actual strip boning of any kind. Corsets generally extend from below the bust to above the hips, although many sexy corsets today extend above the figure. Most corsets are strappy at the back, although some designs, especially corset tops, have straps at the front. The front is often closed with hooks and eyes or frog clips.

Will wearing a corset give you an hourglass figure?

If your corset is an under-bust style, you can turn it into outerwear by adding a fitted shirt underneath. Many women opt for peasant-style blouses with ruffled necklines, inspired by Medieval and Renaissance fashion. However, a bust-covering corset can be worn alone or with a jacket as a sexy top for evening wear.

To get the effect of tightening the waist, you need a corset that fits your size. Some corset makers recommend buying a corset with the waist size you want to achieve, such as a size 22 corset for women with a 24-inch waist. However, if comfort is a concern, you may wish to purchase a corset your size or even one size larger, your core will not be squeezed, but your bust and hips will still look increased.

Corsets are currently popular as underwear or sexy women’s outerwear. You can find corsets with or without boning as well as corset tops that mimic the look without actually tightening the waist. A well-fitting corset is important, so be sure to take accurate measurements before buying your corset. Corsets come in a variety of colors, fabrics, and styles, so you’re sure to find one that’s right for you.